Faced with a significant problem or setback, many people simply give up on their dreams or plans. Instead, try treating problems as opportunities to be creative. Realize that for every obstacle there is a solution. Discover the magic of searching for the “second right answer.”

Example: suppose you and your significant other have been planning to quit work and spend the next few years exploring the highways and byways of America in your shiny new Winnebago. Here’s the problem: now that you’re finally ready to head off into the sunset, you realize that the price of gas has skyrocketed, and you haven’t saved nearly as much money as you need. What would you do—give up? Here’s a second right answer: when faced with a similar situation, Daniel Ford, 57, and his wife Becky, 51, looked for the opportunity in their problem and found it: Instead of buying an RV and paying for all that gas, insurance, and upkeep, the Ford’s applied for a job as a long haul truck driving couple. Instead of traveling America in a Winnebago, they hit the road in a fully-equipped 18-wheeler. Instead of tapping their savings as they originally planned, they were actually paid to see the country. The principle is: always look closely for the second right answer. What, at first, appears to be a broken dream may actually be a dream come true.

Your resources are always far greater then you imagine them to be. Never ask, “Can I do this?” Ask instead, “How can I do this?” – Dan Zadra

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