Decide what’s next in your life and how you will get it. You’d don’t have to take life the way it comes to you. You can design

You don’t have to take life the way it comes to you. You can design your life to come to you the way you want it.

This is your life, your one-and-only-life, and you don’t want to miss any part of it. So, what is it going to be? You decide. Starting today, you can make the next five years the most exciting, satisfying, productive and amazing years of your life so far — or just another five years.

The purpose of this blog is to stir your creative juices and to inspire you to really get in touch with your dreams. The goal is not to provide a list of what “should” be done with the next five years — but to stir up some exciting possibilities of what “could” be done.

In the following pages, you’ll find fresh ways of thinking about different areas of your life. It could be something as significant as tracing your roots, developing an exciting idea, pursuing a heart-quickening adventure, or finding creative ways to give back. The truth is, you really can turn any “what if?” Into “what is.”

It’s your life what do you really want to do? What do you really want to have? What do you really want to be? Where do you really want to go?

The future is sending back good wishes and waiting with open arms.

-Kobi Yamada

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