Marty is incredible. I had the opportunity to listen to him speak during a training session. He is such a fantastic trainer. He used many unique techniques and kept the entire audience engaged. While his training was focused on our business opportunity, this experience can be applied to many different avenues in life. Marty is a great influencer and I personally thank him for this experience.
Marty and I have worked together for over 11 years in a variety of roles as well as industries. He is the most visionary thinker I have had the privilege to work with. He is a master motivator and has a unique gift of helping people discover their personal goals and dreams. He demands perfection of himself and the teams of people he works with resulting in a philosophy of exceeding the customer’s expectation. Working with Marty has sharpened my skills as a professional. Thank you Marty!
If anyone knows how to build something out of nothing, Marty is the guy! He will motivate and inspire like no other as his story, with humble beginnings, encapsulates how you are not a victim of circumstance but rather the creator of ANYTHING you desire. He effectively and powerfully bestows insight of true wealth, including balance of Body, Mind and Spirit, from which all that you dream can be yours if you come from a place of contribution. I have been honored to listen to Marty on multiple occasions, and never tire of the soul touching growth he imparts on his enitre audience.
Marty is an innovator and a terrific motivational speaker. Never forgetting his roots, he reaches for the sky and encourages others to overcome their obstacles to do the same. Engaging and funny, but serious about business. First class all the way.
Marty is a Strong Leader and Motivator. As a business partner and colleague I can always trust Marty to Lead with Integrity, Honesty, and Respect. Marty coaches and motivates people to get the best opportunity's in Life. It is my pleasure to be associated with Marty.
Marty is an amazingly gifted speaker. He not only gets your heart rate soaring with enthusiasm but implants information in your mind that supports the energy... nothing empty about Marty or his words. You learn without realizing you are being taught, increase your focus and drive without realizing you're in "first gear" and when he's through, you are left wanting more. You aren't frantic though because you instinctively know that you must put what you've learned into action before you digest anything else. He knows just how much his audience can handle and then provides the follow-on opportunity to dig deeper when you are ready. Substance, emotion, focus and direction! AMAZING.
Marty is a positive enthusiastic entrepreneur. He is always looking ahead with goals and a plan of action.

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