Anything, everything, little or big becomes and adventure when the right person shares it. -Kathleen Norris

Amazing things start happening when you simply give yourselves permission to finish this phrase: “I’ve always wanted to…”

Fill in the blank with some adventure or activity that one of you has always wanted to try—and then make it happen together.

I’ve always wanted to backpack through India. Learn to speak French. Raft the Colorado river. Live on a houseboat for a summer. Quit my job and open a ceramics shop. Trace my ancestry. Take flying lessons. Run a half marathon. Teach someone to read. Build a treehouse. Sleep out under the stars. Grow an herb garden. Cook a three-course meal from scratch. Become a published author. See a blue whale. Volunteer at a shelter. Learn to juggle.

It doesn’t matter which adventures you choose first—the real adventure, after all, is who you go with.

Write with your partner a  “I’ve always wanted to…” list.



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