From the time we are in grade school, we’re taught to think that the best answers and ideas are in books or come from someone else’s head. What the world really needs to know right now is what kind of dreams and crazy new ideas are in your head!

It’s easy to come up with big ideas. Just think of something that everyone agrees would be “wonderful” if it were only “possible”—and then set out to make it possible. – Armand Hammer

In 2005 three college guys wished they had a simple way to share videos online with their friends. So they threw together a simple invention—a way for virtually any video to play on any web browser—and started their own little company called YouTube. One year later they sold their company to Google for $1.6 billion—and “Time” magazine named their idea “Invention of the Year.”

What is your YouTube? Brainstorm brilliant ideas to benefit humanity. A single idea can transform a life, a family, a business, a nation, a world. Most people come up with one or two new ideas a year. Over the next five years, dedicate yourself to having a new idea every week. In five years, you’ll have 250 ideas—more than most people have in a lifetime. Some of them will be pure genius.

Thousands of perceptions, hunches, ideas, and intuitions race through our brains everyday. Some are pure genius. Give them the red light for at least long enough to write them down. -Ralph Ford

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