Startled by a dream he had in which he saw himself as a softly glowing beam of light moving endlessly through a huge crowd, a man decided to adopt this vision as a personal philosophy. And his life was never the same.

“I can’t control how people are treated in the world,” he said, “but I can control how they are treated in my little corner of it.

“Each day, I know for certain that I can bring a little warmth and light to anyone who comes within my personal ‘10-foot zone.’ My philosophy is that everyone has their own 10-foot zone. What a world this will be when all those little 10-foot beams of light finally branch and connect.”

Light up your 10-foot zone

This week, be aware of all that takes place (or doesn’t take place) in your personal 10-foot zone. Brighten your little corner of the world. It takes so little to shed light on someone we encounter in our day, but it can mean so much.

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul… -Rumi

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