You shall see the wonders! -William Shakespeare’s

This is your life, your one-and-only-life—shouldn’t you see at least one wonder for yourself over the next five years.

Of the original seven wonders, only the Great Pyramids at Giza are still intact. But there are lots of other wonders to choose from. Which will you see for yourself?

Who were your ancestors and how do you fit into their story? Were they lemon farmers in Amalfi, or olive merchants in Greece, or tradesman in Africa or Buddhist priests in Japan?

Visit the home of your ancestors.

Whoever your ancestors were, make plans to go see where they came from soon. Walk the hills or villages where they were born. Feel their dreams, hopes and aspirations. If possible, eat where they ate; drink where they drank; sing what they sang; sleep where they slept; pray where they prayed. You are the last edition to a long line of your family. You deserve to see, hear, feel, taste, and touch the home of your ancestors for yourself.

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