While at Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau decided not to get a rug for his little cabin. If he got a rug, he would have to get a rug beater; and if he got a rug beater, he would have to get a rug hook to hang it on. He could see where that might lead…

Thoreau believed that acquiring more things did not necessarily equate to more joy. Today, sophisticated studies confirm what Thoreau and many other wise souls figured out on their own: instead of putting things first, people enjoy a richer life when they put experience first.

How about you? If you only have so much to invest, how do you really want to speared it? Do you want to spend it driving to the mall to buy more stuff? Or would you rather invest it in experiencing the Great Barrier Reef with you best friend? Or biking the Hiawatha Trail with your kids? Or maybe getting out and giving back to your community? More and more people are discovering that art of traveling light in life.

Live simply, Love lavishly.

Think of things you can eliminate this week…

How many are the things I can do without! -Socrates

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