Green is many things: It is respect for the Earth and our place in it. It’s a sense of wonder for the world around us. It’s realizing that everything is connected. It’s saying no to the status quo and yes to creating possibilities. It’s giving our children’s children something to work with. It’s reverence for life. It is preserving and protecting what cannot be replaced. It’s enjoying the world gently and living with good intention. Green is a thousand conscious choices everyday. It’s not just a philosophy, it’s a commitment and a way of life. It is being part of the solution. It’s getting more out of life but taking less. It’s pulling together with our community, our country, our world. It’s knowing that the countless little things you do today will matter tomorrow. Green is rising to the occasion. It is facing big challenges with even bigger ideas. It is turning “What if…?” Into “We will….” “It is sustainability and caring about a future world you may never see. It is knowing in your heart that what you do does makes a difference. It is hope, it is action, it is positive change. Green is caring about the world we live in—not just for today,but for tomorrow. It’s looking at the future with fresh eye, an open mind and a willing heart. It’s thoroughly analyzing the way we’ve always done things and finding better ways of doing them. It is spirited debate and concerted action. It’s standing up for what’s right and setting a good example. It’s quite possibly our last opportunity to restore the world and remake the future.

Green is good.

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