Sunny Saturdays. A call from an old friend. Homemade treats. Growing something from seed. CLean sheets. Meal with family. SOlving a problem. Teamwork. Package in the mail. Feeling appreciated. Berry picking. Blowing bubbles. Sudden inspiration. A simple act of kindness. A brisk walk. Good news. Children’s laughter. Lemonade stands. Long weekends. Perfect timing. Happy accidents. New possibilities. Music playing through and open window. Making something from scratch. Blue skies. Nice neighbors. Gratitude. Hot coffee on a camping trip. The first true day of spring. A perfect peach. Kite flying. Fresh bread. Going barefoot. Seeing a shooting star. A well-earned compliment. Suppose parties. Making progress. Generosity. Fresh air. Being a part of something good. The smell of an evergreen. Deep breaths. Total relaxation. Bear hugs. Picnics. The sound of the ocean. Real maple syrup. Brilliant autum leaves. Puppies. Grace. Getting involved. Giving back. Holding hands. Tree swings. Free afternoons. Candlelit dinners. Making someone’s day. Catnaps. Photobooths. Finding something to be passionate about. The smell of freshly cut grass. Small victories. The right words at the right time. Helping someone in need. Road trips. Porch swings. A new friend. A great goal to work for. A reunion at the airport. Drawings done in sidewalk chalk. Moments of peace. Positive change. Rainbows. A long, hot bath. Taking a scenic route. Glitter. Summer rainstorms. Ladybugs. A good nights sleep. Sharing a laugh. Four-leaf clovers. Morning birdsong. Feeling healthy. Sand between your toes. Big hearted people. Rain on the roof. Making a difference.

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