They say, you only live once, but some people have figured out how to live their lives three times. Here’s how it works:

First in anticipation,

second in the actual moment, and,


third in recollection.

Why not designate some holidays for yourself each year? They can be movable holidays, so you can enjoy them whenever you really need them throughout the year. And you can name them whatever you want. How about dazzle day or dawdle day? Or fill-in-the-blank day?

The important thing is that you are free to do whatever your heart desires on your special day.

Ideas for your personal holiday

Wake up early.

See the sunrise.

Go back to bed.

Wake up again whenever.

Call in well.

Treat yourself to brunch at your favorite restaurant.

Wear flip-flops.

Go out and play.

Write a love letter.

Go to a matinee.

Catch an afternoon baseball game.

Call your mother.

Buy some flowers.

Visit the food bank.

Cook dinner for someone special.

Watch the sunset.

Count your blessings.

Life is an occasion.

Rise to it.

-Mr. Magorium’s

Wonder Emporium


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