There is a quiet wind voice inside of me. It’s the same voice inside of you. Delicate and preserving, it led us towards each other. Across the desert sand, traffic noise, solitary sky. I found your little house by the sea. And I never wanted to leave. – The Persistence of Yellow, No 189, by Monique Duval

Can you heat it? Not always, but you can feel it. Sometimes love speaks to us, not in the usual or obvious words, but in the subtle language of touch, feelings, impulses, and gestures.

Couples who love each other can tell each other a thousand things without talking, A gentle hand on your shoulder. A smile across the room. A kiss behind the ear. A stack of fresh wood placed thoughtfully in the fireplace. These silent little messages speak volumes.

And so, be generous with the small, sweet acts that feed the heart and make life special. Woo each other daily with spontaneous affection. It can be something as small as bringing a cup of coffee with just the right amount of their favorite almond syrup. Or stopping to send a text during


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