Some of the most timeless and beautiful thoughts are also the shortest. “God bless America” is just three words, but three are all that’s required. Shakespeare’s “to thine own self be true” is just six words, but those six words could make a life. The preamble to the Constitution has 52 words, the Gettysburg Address has 271, and the marriage vow has just two.

There’s a legend dating back to the 1920’s that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a complete short story in just six words. According to the legend, Hemingway responded with,”For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.” He said it was among the best things he had ever written.

The editors of Smith Magazine applied the Hemingway challenge to the topics of love, and invited people to sum up their romantic life in just six words. Thousands of responses poured in— some filled with happiness, and some with heartbreak. Here are three from well-known personalities:

Much married, fourth time, is charmed, -Erica Jong

Hired me, Frred me, Married me. -Julie Klam

Engaged in Jerusalem. Thank you God. -Lynn Harris

And some from the rest of us:

40 years married, 40 more please.

After all that, there he was.

Deaf guy, deaf gal…boom! Love!

Blind date, Soulmate. Married 65 years.

Years later. Two kids. Still smitten

Seven dollar wedding. 24 priceless anniversaries.

Childhood sweethearts, Best friends, Lovers, Soulmates.

Love never lasted…until I did.

Past gone, future unknown, present bliss.

Sum up your own love story in just six words and share it with your partner.

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