Life moves pretty quickly these days.

We make time for work and other obligations, and that’s important. But we forget sometimes that life is not just an obligation, it’s an adventure.

Each day of the week comes to us with gifts and possibilities in its hands, but because of our routines we often don’t see them or can’t reach out to them. In our rush to make a living, we forget to live.

Down deep inside, we all know that life is not a race to be run; it’s a journey to be savored every step of the way. Whatever happened to simple pleasures and spontaneous experiences? Where are the little interludes in your day for loving, laughing, loafing, or learning? When did you lose the right to do something wonderful for yourself, your loved ones, or your community—not just now and then, but every day if you wish?

This is not a work book, it’s a play book. It’s not a book of instructions or answers, it’s a book of inspirations, questions, and reminders. Simply put, the this blog is a fun tool to reconnect with all the good things that are truly important to you. To help you rediscover the joy, passion, purpose, and meaning in every day of your week.

Look around. Life is here, and it is now. We can’t let it simply slip away. Possibilities for adventure, beauty, contribution, and goodness are everywhere—and you really can make time for them. Let the ideas in this blog guide and inspire you. Remember, happiness is always in your hands.


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