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Journaling as an integrative practice is a dynamic way to expand and deepen your perspective. By journaling, you extract the vital essence out of that perspective.

One of the most important results of putting in the time of journaling is that it can offer a means to reconnect to your true nature, your authentic self. And through that, help you find meaning in your experience of life.

Journaling can be an incredibly valuable tool in your integration process. The process of writing, not for an audience, but rather strictly for yourself clarifies thoughts and feelings. It helps you recognize patterns that run through your life. Through this self-reflection, you may discover you know more than you realize; you have awareness. Journaling has a way of unlocking deeper thoughts and understandings from your core being.

Writing things out can feel grounding, soothing, and healing. Journaling establishes a record for the future that serves as both a memory bank and a source of inspiration. Journaling is a tool for you to integrate life-changing experiences. It is an internal, exploration of the terrain of your heart and soul.

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