The Marty Hale Suite of Software, Mobile Applications, and Programs include:

Mission Statement Builder

Mission Statement Builder

Marty Hale Mission Statement Builder

with purchase of PlanPlus
Personal Planner

You have a purpose in life. You know in your heart what’s most important to you. In fact, your mission and values are expressed every day, by how you live—you just may not realize it. We’re here to help you find the right words to put that mission down on paper.  This quick exercise will help you discover your values and principles. You’ll type the first responses that come to mind and the Mission Builder will then use your answers to write your mission statement.  You can edit it as often as you choose.

Your PERSONAL Mission Statement
This introspective path to creating your mission statement asks thought-provoking questions that help you uncover your core values and highest goals.

Your FAMILY Mission Statement
This process will help unite your family around a common sense of purpose and mission. You’ll strengthen your children and family members in a turbulent world.

Your TEAM Mission Statement
Follow this guide to create a mission statement for your team. A clear mission statement can build unity, purpose, commitment, and clarity of vision—all of which are vital to your team’s success.

PlanPlus Goals

PlanPlus Goals

Marty Hale Goal Pro


Simply download the App from iTunes App Store and begin designing your life immediately in all areas of life.  Attach your personal photos to each area of life to keep you motivated to become all you aspire to be.  Set goals in each area with their own motivational photos as reminders.  Then create tasks and schedule appointments associated to each goal and watch your life transform like never before and begin living the life of your dreams.

PlanPlus Goals is the ultimate-next-generation goal-setting App. Innovative by design and remarkably easy to use. Get straight to the point of achievement.

Main features include:

  • Goal Categories: categorize your goals by each area of life or create your own custom categories.  Attach images to your goals to increase the visual impact and motivate yourself to take action.
  • Action Process: Guarantee action that leads to the achievement of your goals by scheduling one-time or recurring Tasks and Appointments. Perform the tasks and appointments and achieve your goals.
  • Automated Performance Tracking: Stay on course with automatic tracking results whether it be; time with the family, number of calls made, dieting, exercise, income and much, much more.
  • Automated Reports: Review your goals and maintain focus with pie charts and performance graphs.
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PlanPlus Software

PlanPlus Software

Marty Hale PlanPlus

Personal Planner:


starts at $199.99/month;
includes 5 users

PlanPlus is a planning and organization software that increases individual effectiveness and allows you to build a culture of productivity in your home, office, or company. When you combine powerful tools with productive habits; true effectiveness is the result.

Organize You
PlanPlus Online Planner Edition allows you to organize your calendar, tasks, and notes all in one place so nothing gets left behind.

Organize your Work
PlanPlus Online Professional Edition combines simple tools for achieving personal effectiveness with features you need for your professional life.

Organize your Company
PlanPlus Online Business Edition integrates proven productivity tools into a complete Customer Relationship Management solution.

Success System 3.0

Success System 3.0

Success System 3.0 Level One by Marty Hale


Open your eyes and discover your true potential with a Personal and Professional Assessment of your life or business directly with Marty Hale.  You will determine the Value of Your Life/Business.  You will learn to Balance Your Life/Business to reach your maximum potential.  You will begin to Live with Purpose and Passion.  You will Design Your Life/Business in every aspect and explore ways to Monetize your new found blueprint with the Wealth Creation System while discovering the true definition of Leadership and how to build a successful team.  You will learn how to focus like the Pro’s focus on the proper activities to achieve the desired end results.  You’ll take control of your time and reach your maximum potential like never before.

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Speaker Trainer Motivator Program

Speaker Trainer Motivator Program

Marty Hale Train the Trainer Fan


Enroll in our most advanced training program and equip yourself to dynamically facilitate Marty Hale’s personal and professional development principles and philosophies. Be Paid as a Speaker, Trainer, Motivator inside your company/organization or promote your new skills along with your own brand to the whole world.

Here’s what you get with your accreditation:

  • Licensing to facilitate the Marty Hale Suite of Workshops; Mission Statement Builder, PlanPlus Goals, Design Your Life, Master Goals Setting, Wealth Creation System, Life Compass, Success 3.0 and Train the Trainer
  • Two days of intensive training with Marty Hale
  • A robust facilitation guide with accompanying presentation materials, including PowerPoint presentation materials, workbooks and application-based exercises
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