Designed as a fully inclusive and individually crafted wellness experience, AWAKEN features workshops, spa treatments and adventures with some of the top practitioners in the areas of metaphysics, health, and wellness.

This retreat is perfect for those with busy lives; professional or personal, that want to experience an awakening but who need a bit more freedom than the structure of one of our multi-day retreats.


AWAKENING is an immersive experience designed to revitalize your entire being during and long after the event concludes. It is the best program to kick off your new year. Serving as the first event of the year, you will have one-on-one, direct access coaching with Master Coach Marty Hale.

Throughout the event, you will learn the most powerful practices, including cutting-edge Strength and Mobility Exercises, diverse Breathwork Practices, guided Meditations, and Integrative Workshops.

Your body is a temple that holds divine wisdom and knowledge. Awakening and Activating this ancient intelligence is one of life’s greatest rewards. With intensive mind, body, and spirit healing, you will intimately connect with your internal guidance systems.

This ONE DAY event will provide you the confidence, courage, motivation, strategy, and tools to help you AWAKEN your mind, body, and spirit.

AWAKEN amplifies the healing power of our senses with whole-body wellness. Moving your body improves your breathing, increases your power, and helps your muscles push past the burn to peak performance.


AWAKEN is for those seeking a WHOLE BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT Sensory Awakening. Expand your horizons with one breathtaking day of real, measurable change.


You will physically and mentally fortify yourself, pushing your limits with greater strength, wisdom, and confidence. Created for goal-setters and go-getters, featuring workshops, sessions, training and bodywork, and mindset-focused guided meditation.

AWAKEN is designed to deliver instant impact and lasting progress toward your healthy-life goals. Each targeted, whole-body offering is tailored by our insightful, judgement-free guides and amplified by the healing power of our senses. Over the course of your retreat, movement, nutrition, mindset, motivation, and indulgent recovery combine to create your ideal formula for being—and living—exceptionally well.

Rediscover the joy of moving your body in and with your senses. Feel your energy soar with a day of empowering renewal.


Your pathways offers the sanctuary, sensory indulgences and self-reflection necessary to slow down and invite positive change. Created for anyone who’s tuned out and always on-the-go, AWAKENING provides an unhurried, instinctive practice to reward yourself and inspire a lifetime of well-being and well-doing. Explore new perspectives and inner landscapes; and unwind and revive in equal measure.


You get off the beaten track, guiding yourself toward new perspectives, and unlock the change you’re searching for. AWAKEN features strength training and reinvigorating bodywork. When you’re ready, leave the everyday grind behind and go to the edge to find your center.


Designed by our wellness experts and expert practitioners to provide you the physical and mental space to sweep away distractions and reignite your energy and your passion for freedom. Your experiences and activities are led by experienced guides who create a safe space to push beyond your comfort zone.

This full day is tailored to AWAKEN your routine with whole-body experiences that propel you toward deep, fundamental change and deliver a blend of bodywork, mindful movement, and spa experiences curated for your unique pace.

We encourage you to explore, engage, and rest. Our guides will help you ground your expectations, discover new creative aspirations, and grow into a mindset that puts care and well-being at the core of your lifestyle.

Throughout the day of your retreat, you’ll cast off what’s holding you back in bold pursuit of a life well-lived.

DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY / embark on a journey

One entire day with Marty Hale in a supportive, interactive, and exciting environment of total immersion! During AWAKEN, no matter who you are, you won’t simply discover whom you are; you will decide and create your own life-altering experience.

Connect with your true purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health, and relationships. You will gain a crystal clear, deep understanding of what really motivates you—thoughts, feelings and behaviors—and build toward your own personal breakthrough.

AWAKEN / your senses

By activating your senses in community and fellowship, you’ll start to uncover the areas of your life that have hidden blocks and can learn how to bring it to the surface to be cleared.

You’ll discover new possibilities for your life as you learn to awaken and listen to your senses. Rejuvenate your soul, and take the time to reclaim yourself.

Now is the time. What’s more important than your health? Or your relationships? Or your finances?

AWAKEN is a truly immersive experience in an extraordinary setting, dedicated to your growth. Get to the core of who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.

AWAKEN is a life-changing event that can’t wait. Your fulfilled life, literally, depends on it.

MASTER YOUR LIFE / experience your awakening

AWAKENING provides you with 30+ years of expertise in ONE power-packed day of total immersion. Learn tools, strategies and secrets  consistently used to create immediate impact and compel lasting, positive change in 10s of 1000s of people just like yourself.

At AWAKENING you will learn what’s been holding you back, what motivates you, and how to harness the natural power inside you to achieve the life of your dreams. Imagine being capable of stepping into any situation and making a substantive difference in the quality of not only your life, but the lives of others. In times of uncertainty, crisis, and change, the world needs skilled, passionate people like never before.



Integrative Journaling Course
Onboarding Group Call with Marty Hale



When you arrive, we will gather to start Connecting with our Senses and Ground Ourselves in Our Surroundings and to Step into the Journey of this magical and beautiful day ahead.

We will start by enjoying a Welcoming Tea Ceremony together, followed by a Sacred Sound Healing Bath.

You will Cleanse and Activate your Body with a delicious breakfast of fresh fruits and juices, followed by a Grounding Morning Meditation and Guided Intention Setting Session.

After meditation, there will be an Integrative Journaling Workshop, followed by a Breathwork Workshop where you will experience your own breath as a movement through your body, mind, and spirit.

We will wrap up the morning with a Color and Light Therapy / Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga Session.



During your Nutritious Plant-Based Lunch, there will be a Gut Health Workshop to open you up to new healthy taste possibilities.

Following lunch, there will be an Aromatherapy Workshop, where you will explore your sense of smell.

You will explore your senses during an Erotic Blueprint Session. Learn how to uses your senses fully.

Touch and Movement Immersive Workshop designed to get you out of your mind and into your body and spirit with an Invigorating Ecstatic Dance Class.



We will begin our evening with a Yin Yoga Session, followed by a Silence Workshop. Here we focus on silence, to quiet our minds and enhance our other senses. The invitation is to explore silence and let your time and experiences settle in and integrate within you. You’ll enjoy a silent hour with an Incredible Meditation Exercise followed by a Sacred Blue Clay experience. You will explore communication without words as you enjoy the healing properties of the blue clay. Until sunset, we will respect our sense of silence. We invite you to take some time to journal, rest or Enjoy a Restorative Spa Treatment to unwind and begin to reconnect you, with you.

In the evening, we will enjoy a gourmet, plant-based Farewell Feast with desserts to swoon for, followed by a Native Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine that helps nourish both your physical and energetic body.

We will say goodbye through a Mystical Journey through Fire with Tribal Drummers that will have you dancing beneath the stars.


NOTE: Snacks, teas, coffees, juices, elixirs and fruit trays available throughout your stay.


Integration Course
One-on-One Integration Call with Marty Hale


Meet the



This breakthrough experience is founded by Marty and Jennifer Hale, two lifelong wellness seekers who have lived and learned from their own transformative awakenings.

Marty Hale is America’s foremost transformation philosopher and has served as an Advisor to Trump, Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Motorola, Cisco, FedEx, as well as numerous professional athletes and coaches. Marty holds a Masters in Theology.

Jennifer has spent decades planning luxury events and experience and holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. Jennifer holds a Bachelors degree in Human Sciences.

With deep roots in Texas and an authentic drive to make AWAKEN the most rewarding wellness week on earth, Marty and Jennifer are honored to share this journey with a global community of fellow seekers, adventurers and leaders like you.

Together, they have shared their time-tested philosophies before thousands of audiences, helping AWAKEN the lives of 100s of thousands of people along the way. They have an unrelenting passion to help wellness seekers elevate their lives, for good. Their proven, step-by-step processes hold your hand on a journey to AWAKEN your senses and life.


Our entire team is dedicated to helping you attain and sustain the change you seek—from the moment your experience begins; to long after the farewell ceremony.

Each member brings a lifetime of passion, education and experience to their specialty to ensure you benefit from our shared wealth of earned knowledge. We are also partnered with other lifelong wellness advocates, including certified guides, our concierge healthcare practitioner and our training program director.

Our team will be available to you throughout your experience with anything you need. They have a ready smile, answers to most of your questions and can quickly support you so your experience is easy and fulfilling.

EVENT FAQ’s / find your answers

For the Seminar:  Please bring a laptop, pen, and notepad.

If the Seminar is followed by a special event:
For an After Party:  Please bring fun, ‘going out’ attire.
For a Pool Party: Please bring a swimsuit and pool party attire.

Business Casual Attire

18 or older, unless written permission is granted.

Simply, be a good person. If you show up, contribute, and do the work, you will always have a place here. We reserve the right to remove you without a refund if you begin to infringe on the safety, health, or freedom of other members, or interfere with the ability of the coaches to do their best work.

You are part of an immersive experience with limited spots; there is no refund. These programs sell out, and you will be taking a spot from a waitlisted individual. If you test positive for COVID or have been exposed, our policy will give you a credit of 50% of your purchase to apply to a program of your choice within one calendar year.

No. We have professional photographers and videographers on staff. The experiences are meant for you to let go of distractions and go deep into your own personal work. For all retreats, we ask for your silence on social media to protect the privacy of our community, our staff, and our event locations. Professional equipment is not allowed, and all those present must be paying members for the experience. It is time to set down your work brain and busy-ness, and go deep within. If this makes you deeply uncomfortable – good!

No. All of our experiences are “endogenous”. We are sharing practices that create transformational experiences from within our own body. Our members commit to no psychedelic use during retreats, and we do not serve alcohol.

No. We offer coaching and a trauma-informed community container. We do not provide professional mental health services, and our applications screen to ensure that we remain within scope. We welcome a broad range of individuals, but we are not nor do we claim to be a substitute for professional resources.

Airfare, Transportation, Lodging (unless otherwise specified), COVID Test.

No. Every individual who joins one of our programs is committed to the experience and all have paid the full price. It is essential to the experience that everyone within the community has made this significant investment as a commitment to the work and their own experience.

We are well-resourced and our reputation comes from those who have invested their time and money in the experience. Our program’s reputation stands on the referrals and experiences of our customers; we do not exchange promotion for membership.

AWAKEN is ageless. Our ages range from the mid-twenties to middle sixties. We have had retirees and college students. Our community is very diverse, and the experiences and insights of members with more life experience is welcomed and honored.

Our experiences are drug and alcohol free, but we cannot accommodate minors in our general programming due to the intense nature of our practices. We may, in the future, have family-oriented programming that specifically allows for family units to attend.

NEWSLETTER / stay in the know

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WHO WILL YOU BECOME? / allow yourself to awaken

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